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Actors in a drama based training programme highlighting diversity and inclusion

Driving Cultural and Behavioural Change

With our roots firmly in learning and development, we improve team performance using interactive, drama based training, to build inclusive workplace cultures where all employees feel valued and empowered to thrive.

Strong, collaborative cultures lead to greater performing teams. Through interactive drama based workshops your teams will see the impact of different behaviours and have the opportunity to identify ways in which they can work better together. Behavioural change owned by the team itself leads to engagement, focus and a desire to get the job done. Let Garnett Interactive help you dramatically enhance your team performance.

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Trainers, facilitators and actors


Personnel trained annually

“We were looking for an innovative way to engage our senior managers and gain their support for our business case for diversity. Traditional classroom style training would not achieve our objective to challenge and change values and beliefs. The theatre experiences exceeded our expectations and you can see change taking place on a daily basis.”

HR Director, Arriva plc

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