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Customer Service Group Discussion


The Tower of London prioritises a positive employee experience, conducting regular surveys to gauge staff well-being.


Following the disruption and uncertainty of COVID closures, the Tower sought to strengthen team unity and promote an inclusive culture that would enhance customer service.


Aiming for a "Royal Standard" of service exceeding 5 stars, the Tower of London partnered with Garnett Interactive. The task: design and deliver a face-to-face, interactive training solution that fostered inclusion and a great work environment.


Garnett Interactive designed a three-hour training programme focused on developing a culture of open communication, contribution, and mutual respect. The programme utilised a comprehensive, scenario-based learning experience delivered by professional actors. This immersive approach allowed participants to engage with real-world situations and practice inclusive communication.

The training was rolled out over two days, with four identical sessions to ensure maximum participation. We held collaborative discussions which explored ways to leverage the Tower's diverse workforce to enhance the visitor experience.


A comprehensive report was provided to the Tower of London, outlining key takeaways and actionable strategies. The programme facilitated collaborative brainstorming on how to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity within the team. By discussing and documenting their shared vision, the training fostered a stronger sense of unity and purpose, promoting a team environment focused on shared values and goals. This strengthened team spirit ultimately translates into a more positive work environment and exceptional customer service – a true "Royal Standard."


  • Responsibility for ensuring a first-class customer experience to the Royal Standard

  • Providing a positive memorable experience to visitors to the Tower

  • Embracing diversity of individuals

  • Working together to ensure inclusion of colleagues and visitors

  • Making Policy work in practice – A Royal Welcome

  • Understanding the importance of acceptable behaviour and language

  • Driving towards making the Palace (HRP) a great place to work and visit.

Audience spectating Customer Service Training
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