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Enabling behaviour

change in the workplace
through live theatre
based training

Case Studies

Cheltenham Borough Homes – excellence in action


Cheltenham Borough Homes is one of the top performing Arms’ Length Management organisations (ALMOs) in the country. It looks after the management and maintenance of approximately 5,000 council-owned and leasehold properties in Cheltenham.  Garnett Interactive was asked to develop a training event that would support their vision that their “customers are able to improve their quality of life and live in good quality homes, in places where they choose to live”.

The objective

The training aimed to develop various skills such as:

    • How to challenge common assumptions about residents
    • Practising different communication styles
    • Understanding what is meant by reasonable adjustments
    • Knowing how to competently and confidently collect monitoring information
    • Maintaining professional behaviour when under pressure

The Solution

We designed and delivered an interactive drama-based training programme that celebrated CBH’s diverse community and explored how CBH could further embed their responsive and customer focused services.

The training was designed to complement the development of a new CBH Business Plan, in terms of vision, employee engagement and embracing an inclusive organisational culture.

The Result

Since delivering our training, CBH has been awarded 3 stars for excellent services and excellent prospects for improvement. 98% of participants said they would recommend the training to colleagues.

What Next..

To embed the learning, we delivered a series of 1-hour follow-up sessions at CBH’s “Excellence in Action” Staff Conference. These focused on key topics addressed in the training programme with the overall aim of gaining a greater understanding of each member of staff’s role in delivering excellent customer service.

“CBH were delighted with the full staff awareness raising sessions conducted by the Garnett Foundation on Equality and Diversity. The test has to be that the format is one which staff have clearly both enjoyed and remembered. The enthusiasm of the actors and the ability to interact is an excellent combination to “making it real”. We look forward to working together again.

Chief Executive, Cheltenham Borough Homes