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Enabling behaviour

change in the workplace
through live theatre
based training

Encourages debate, and inspires idea sharing, innovation and inclusiveness

Inclusive Leadership
Diversity of markets, customers, ideas, and talent is driving the need for inclusion as a new leadership capability. Effective leaders encourage:

  • Diverse thinking
  • Looking at things from others’ viewpoints
  • Curiosity; looking for the authentic experience of other people and always asking if things are being done the best way
  • Valuing everyone’s input and making everyone feel like they belong
  • Taking a broad perspective on people, organisation and business

Inclusive leadership behaviours that predict success

  • Empowerment – enabling direct reports to develop and excel
  • Humility – admitting mistakes, learning from criticism and different points of view; acknowledging and seeking contributions of others to overcome one’s limitations
  • Courage – Putting personal interests aside to achieve what needs to be done; acting on convictions and principles even when it requires personal risk taking
  • Accountability; demonstrating confidence in direct reports by holding them responsible for performance they can control
Inclusive Leadership in Action
Through our experiential drama-based training programmes, we can:

  • OPEN minds and start the dialogue about inclusive leadership and behaviour
  • CHALLENGE entrenched attitudes
  • BUILD shared aspirations and understanding of the way to grow an inclusive culture
  • LEVERAGE core inclusive leadership behaviours

A typical one day programme would address the following learning outcomes:

  • How to develop a diverse talent and maximise team performance
  • Raise awareness of own biases and preferences
  • Identify leadership styles, building trust and valuing difference
  • Build self-awareness, understanding own biases and preference, to inform better decision-making
  • How to become a positive role model and develop talent
  • Create a shared vision to inspire and drive organisational and individual performance.

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“Inclusive leaders get the best out of all their people, helping their organisations to succeed in today’s complex, diverse national and global environment. Through their skills in adaptability, building relationships and developing talent, inclusive leaders are able to increase performance and innovation.”

Inclusive Leadership: Culture Change for Business Success, report by Opportunity Now and Shapiro Consulting