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Enabling behaviour

change in the workplace
through live theatre
based training

Case Studies

PHE – Driving Culture Change


Following a survey to assess the work-place climate across Public Health England, we were invited to devise and deliver a series of interactive training sessions for PHE staff in different regions across the country.  The main driver for these training programmes was to identify unacceptable behaviours, to increase awareness of what leads to them and to promote individual and collective responsibility in creating and maintaining an inclusive culture.

The challenge here was to promote a more inclusive culture firmly underpinned by the PHE People Charter and values.

The Objective

Public Health England invited TGF to bring about a culture change based on feedback from climate assessments and surveys carried out within the Agency.

The main aims were:

    • Unpick behaviours and language
    • Promote a shared inclusive workplace culture
    • To increase the confidence and skills to identify and challenge inappropriate behaviour
    • Reinforce managers as role models
    • To engender better working relationships within and across teams

The Solution

Our own independent research within PHE departments mirrored the PHE survey findings and allowed us to devise an interactive programme involving carefully crafted scenarios to reflect some of the issues.

    • We identified the main cause of unacceptable behaviour and focused on increasing staff awareness and skills to identify and challenge this behaviour.
    • We concentrated on empowering individuals, building confidence, holding difficult conversations and providing the tools required to help tackle the behaviour.
    • We explored the language and behaviours underpinning PHE’s values to increase consciousness around staff behaviours to foster collaborative working between and within teams to improve productivity

The Result

The training reinforced the responsibility of every individual to treat colleagues with dignity and respect, regardless of status or position and to understand the collective responsibility in creating an inclusive workplace. At the start of the training 72% of participants felt able to create an inclusive culture at work. At the end of the training this rose to 88%.

What next…..

The challenge was not only to deliver a change in culture, but to keep the momentum going.

TGF suggested various actions which could be implemented to do this e.g. the formation of a Staff Forum from different areas nationally to meet monthly and to drive messages gleaned from the training forward. Other tools included regular discussion on how to ensure staff felt valued and to continue to raise staff awareness of the support available to tackle unacceptable behaviour.  We also identified the need for Leadership Programmes to cover behaviours and “having difficult conversations” and the importance of post-training reflective evaluation.

“Loved this training. Everything was good. Wish it was a whole day”

“Although I find role play really uncomfortable I always value and get a lot from these sessions.”

“Garnett Interactive are amazing and invaluable.”

PHE North West