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Enabling behaviour

change in the workplace
through live theatre
based training

Case Studies


In 2017, Slough Borough Council underwent a leadership level restructure followed closely by the launch of the Council’s refreshed corporate values linked to behaviours.

The organisation recognised the need for systemic behavioural change and the need to communicate key messages around creating an inclusive culture and the benefits of diversity for all.  The organisation wanted to promote better working relationships and practices that would lead to the best possible service outcomes.

Slough Borough Council needed a bespoke, innovative, engaging and empowering Values, Behaviour and Diversity programme to be rolled out to all 1,050 Slough Borough Council staff and council members.


We were asked to explore the culture within Slough Borough Council and to design and deliver a training programme to raise awareness of the Council’s values and identify how all staff could embed them in their day to day working.  The key aims were:

      • to promote leaders as role models
      • to promote a shared inclusive culture
      • to equip delegates with the tools and confidence to address unacceptable language and behaviour
      • to engender a greater consciousness around staff behaviours


Using confidential research sessions and interviews, we identified issues, actions, concerns and reoccurring themes and devised an “Actions Speak Louder” programme. Scripted scenarios were devised to reflect observations and issues and an interactive training package was created for all SBC staff.  We identified in a collaborative way the behaviours and language that promote positive working practices and those that would drive positive cultural and behavioural change in line with the Council’s values.

Findings were presented to the senior team at SBC. As vital feedback, we provided and interpreted evaluation reports from the many varied delegate sessions and audience response statistics collated and submitted proposals on how to further embed and maintain the cultural change.


      • Sustainability was key to maintaining successful working practices. On completion of the training programmes.
      • 98% of staff fully or partly understood the importance of following the SBC values
      • 95% of participants said they would commit to positive actions as a result of the training.
      • A further 29% of staff would challenge anybody who was not following the values. We provided leaders and managers with a toolkit on how to reinforce a shared culture, highlighting a range of actions under headings such as: leadership, shared learning, joined-up working, recognition and rewards, shared culture.

“Our Actions Speak Louder… drama-based workshops have been the essential component in embedding the Council’s new values and behaviours. From research to design, delivery to sustainable strategies – Garnett Interactive have been the reliable and trusted partner at every stage.”

Organisational Development, Slough Borough Council