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Enabling behaviour

change in the workplace
through live theatre
based training

Inclusive, immersive, interactive’


Training and Delivering Behavioural Change

Our expertise is in delivering you the culture you want that is bespoke for your organisation and sector. We know that culture change needs to be both top down and bottom up. We know how to make the changes that will keep your workforce with you for the long term, make everyone more committed to your organisation’s output and make yours a great place to work.

  • Leadership role models
  • Training for all staff 
  • Inclusive leadership   

For us, culture change, inclusive leadership, diversity and progress need more than a traditional consultancy approach. Our experience of interactive engagement, unique and inspiring drama based delivery and diverse range of talent and experience, enable us to deliver results across a spectrum of needs. We bring to life the reality of your culture, use interaction and drama to engage with you on what you do now and, importantly, explore what you want the future to look like.   Everyone has a work place, the best cultures make it a great one.   We specialise in programmes involving large numbers of delegates – essential for delivering broad cultural change, and enabling us to deliver cost-effective solutions.

  • CHALLENGE entrenched attitudes
  • BUILD shared aspirations and understanding of the business case
  • LEVERAGE core inclusive leadership behaviours
  • HELP build a culture of inclusion

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to achieving your aspirations and dealing with your challenges.

The processes, practice and methods

Our real expertise is in getting the dialogue started and helping you communicate with every part of the workforce.  We can build your support models and systems:

  • Ongoing training programmes
  • Speaking out culture and processes
  • Conflict resolution; mediation and complaints
  • Communications – living the values,
  • Measuring success

“The training is expertly run, interactive and really makes people think.  Being able to step into someone else’s shoes and see the world from their perspective was enlightening and revealing.  In terms of content, it was well-researched, realistic and recognisable.  Everyone should have the chance to participate in this one – it is brilliant.”

Chief Superintendent, Metropolitan Police Service