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"The 'Valuing and Managing Difference' workshops featuring customised theatre experiences, exceeded my expectations and you can see change taking place on a daily basis"

Forum theatre lead discussion, surrounding unacceptable behaviour and how to challenge constructively

Valuing, Managing and Welcoming Difference


Garnett Interactive was tasked with developing and devising programmes to bring about both a renewed culture of valuing and respecting diversity within the organisation, and a training package to improve communication skills and increase confidence in managers.

What we did

In order to fully understand the organisation, we visited multiple depots around the country, speaking with drivers, conductors and managers. We interviewed a range of personnel in different roles to comprehend their lived experience.


We developed two training programmes.  Our programme involving the top 200 managers, featured a bespoke theatrical play which together with interactive workshops, has now trained over 1800 directors, managers, supervisors, and staff on the importance of valuing and welcoming difference.


  • 95% would recommend the training to supervisors and managers

  • 94% personally committed to improving communication where they worked

  • 91% better understood the consequences of not communicating effectively

  • This programme won a CBI Human Capital Award for Innovative Ways of Working

This training was followed by the implementation of our ‘Train the Trainer’ programme through which 100 facilitators were equipped to deliver diversity training to Arriva staff. The training continues to be rolled out across the group.


  • Ensure managers and supervisors’ behaviours promoted the company’s approach

  • Ensure managers and supervisors, understand the benefit of clear communication

  • Support staff in considering and challenging their perception, prejudices, and behaviours

  • Encourage enthusiasm for communication effectively and motivating teams 

Arriva’s approach to valuing & welcoming difference.

What happened next…

We have since worked with Arriva again, to focus on their leadership and communication style, designed to support their change programme. Following research, we developed a one-day programme for managers and supervisors which explored culture, customer service, communication, and leadership roles within the organisation. The programme was successfully rolled out across the UK. It was then delivered in Denmark, Portugal, and Holland.

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