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A bystander witnessing a bullying and harassment scenario, filmed by our production team

Video and Digital

Bringing workplace experiences to life


Videos and digital media are excellent tools to broaden our global reach by connecting with large audiences across the world. These tools provide a more efficient and accessible way of learning and communicating key content such as encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace through behavioural change and inclusive leadership at the click of a button.​

Our experiential learning methodology can be delivered using a range of video and digital media interventions. These programmes are often designed as a valuable tool to assist our clients:

Using drama based training through a range of digital interventions, we support internal training programmes, conferences, and induction processes, in order to add impact.

As a part of blended initiatives and campaigns, our videos and digital media offer detailed participant packs and mentor materials to establish an inclusive workplace culture.

‘Training The Trainer’ packages can also be designed and delivered for organisation’s personnel who are tasked with training their workforce and ensuring inclusive leadership.

Our Team

Our team of technicians, camera crews, videographers and producers work collaboratively with actors to ensure first-class media quality of drama based training, most importantly delivering valuable and unforgettable content as part of the process in creating an inclusive workplace culture.

A camera lens filming a training programme about inclusive leadership
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