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Scenario led training for increasing knowledge of companies policies and behaviour standards training

Culture, Values and Behaviours

Encouraging Positive Workplace Cultures

Culture, values and behaviour represent the DNA of an organisation and are reflected in what people do and how they do it. A healthy inclusive workplace culture is exhibited through fairness and respect, which can significantly influence performance, attitude and positive behaviour change. We engage people across the organisation in a conversation, exploring new ways to model involvement and engagement. Inclusion in the workplace engages people, values human connection and unlocks potential, resulting in improved team building, greater creativity and lower attrition rates. 

We bring to life the reality of an inclusive workplace culture, exploring what is presently done and how it can be transformed by:

CHALLENGING entrenched attitudes

BUILDING shared aspirations and understanding of the business case

PROMOTING core inclusive leadership skills

HELPING build a culture of inclusion

Organisational climate assessments and staff surveys are excellent tools for gathering staff experience and opinions on a variety of topics. We deliver a training programme to equip focus group leaders with facilitation, assessment and reporting skills, enabling them to encourage staff to confidently articulate their honest views and lived experiences.

Following the training sessions, a feedback and evaluation report is compiled to ensure the actions highlighted are embedded and the learning is sustained. The report is reflective of the lived experience and perspective of the participants and includes: 

Issues, actions and concerns arising

Reoccurring themes

Consultative results and areas to be addressed

Voting results

Recommendations and actions

Participant feedback

Our reports are anonymous and compiled around individual, team, manager and organisation actions

All of our high impact programmes are able to be delivered face to face or virtually – just let us know your preference! 

“We worked on a behaviours project with Garnett Interactive. As a way of kick-starting cultural change it is second to none. Our staff are still talking about it.”
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Chief Executive, South Yorkshire Housing Association

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