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Employees at a training event, collaborating their perceptions on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion

Placing diversity and inclusion at the heart of every business...


Fairness, diversity and inclusion are paramount in an organisation’s corporate values to improve the workplace environment, as well as business effectiveness. Creating a space that encourages people to thrive and feel valued as individuals as well as members of a teams is essential from a business, moral, and legal perspective.

Adopting cultural and behavioural change or reinforcing corporate values is not easy. It has to be an organisation-wide effort, driven by inclusive leadership and underpinned by policies, procedures and training, whilst maintaining ‘business as usual’.

Creating an inclusive workplace culture requires winning the hearts and minds of the whole workforce. We take people on a journey of discovery, raising awareness around the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and the need to create a shared culture of acceptable behaviours, equality and respect.

Our diversity and inclusion in the workplace training covers:

A courtroom drama exploring equality legislation over the past 20 years

Creating an inclusive work environment

Raising awareness around equality and diversity in the workplace

Tackling bullying and harassment

Engendering dignity and respect at work

Inclusive recruitment

Specific issue training, e.g., mental health, reasonable adjustment

Specific focus on protected characteristics

Developing effective inclusive leadership skills

Addressing microaggressions

Illustrating positive workplace values

Organisational climate assessment focus groups

Behavioural change

Following the training sessions, a feedback and evaluation report is compiled to ensure the actions highlighted are embedded and the learning is sustained. The report is reflective of the lived experience and perspective of the participants and includes: 

Issues, actions and concerns arising

Reoccurring themes

Consultative results and areas to be addressed

Voting results

Recommendations and actions

Participant feedback

Our reports are anonymous and compiled around individual, team, manager and organisation actions

All of our high impact programmes are able to be delivered face to face or virtually – just let us know your preference! 

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“The work carried out in partnership with Garnett Interactive nationally, has proven to be highly worthwhile and reinforces both National and Local Equality agendas. I have no doubt that the course designed by the organisation is having a positive impact on staff and the diverse environments in which they work around the region”

Regional Diversity Advisor, HM Prison Service

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