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Challenge, Inspire, Transform

Our bespoke training programmes explore organisational issues, often complex and sensitive in nature, and provide an energising, motivating and safe learning environment.  By holding up a mirror we provide a unique opportunity for individuals to develop greater self-knowledge and awareness.  Practicing new tools and skills, exchanging ideas through open discussion and challenging mindsets – are all proven to be powerful and engaging ways for participants to grow in confidence, knowledge and performance.

Designed to inspire positive workplace values and transform the way people perform at work, our pioneering approach:

Delegate reaction to scenario based training using actors to demonstrate behaviour standards

In partnership with clients we use the following steps to ensure we deliver bespoke, authentic, and impactful training.  

Immersive Research

  • Consult and involve staff/stakeholders/Board members

  • Familiarisation of your history/culture/aspirations/policies

  • Establish current culture and reality

  • Identify what you want/need to achieve

Consultancy meeting for the purpose of research and development


  • Engaging, interactive and inclusive training

  • Challenging in a psychologically safe environment 

  • Share

Collaboration in a psychologically safe environment


  • Feedback research findings to client

  • Design powerful and engaging programmes

  • Authentic script, real characters and scenarios

  • Intensive rehearsal and briefing of delivery teams

Devising a strategy for success

Embed Change

  • Develop sustainability strategies

  • Focus on action centred results

  • Building communication around feedback 

  • Celebrate and embed

Reflecting the direction from consultancy and embedding change

All of our training is bespoke – designed with you, for you.

Mirroring an event performing by actors displaying unacceptable behaviours
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