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Managers attending a virtual training programme about creating an inclusive culture

Virtual Training Experience

Authentic and powerful learning programmes


Recent changes to working practices and increased hybrid and remote working, has generated a demand for professionally led, virtual training in the workplace to be energizing, engaging and effective. We have taken the benefits of our ‘face to face’ experiential learning and adapted it to a virtual training experience, ensuring the methods remain accessible, live and interactive.


The virtual drama based training helps us reach large audiences around the world and broaden our global reach making it more inclusive and providing a more efficient and accessible way of learning and communicating key content at the click of a button.

Our virtual training programmes are tailored to reflect your learning outcomes and training needs; they include:

A facilitated session to encourage participation

Live scripted scenarios performed by professional actors

Break out rooms for group discussion


Video content

Interactive voting and activities

Training programmes for inclusive workplace culture is needed now more than ever as people navigate the impact of new ways of working. We will help you embrace a virtual training experience to unlock its full potential.

What organisational benefits are there for virtual training?



Virtual training does not incur costs such as a training venue, catering, accommodation, travel, and materials.

This increases the return of investment.



It allows all employees to have access to the same training experience, whether working in the UK or globally, training is easily accessed.



The training is at the tip of your fingers – no need to leave the house!



Virtual training is more easily accessible and convenient for individuals with specific needs and circumstances.



Less time is used. Eliminating journey planning and travel, participants can optimise their time productively.


Reduce Pollution

Virtual training are environmentally positive, they reduce your carbon footprint, as a result of no travel requirements, less single use plastics and no requirement for materials. 

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"The training is expertly run, interactive and really makes people think. Everyone should have the chance to participate in this one - it is brilliant!"

Metropolitan Police

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