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A facilitator delivering an inclusive behaviours workshop using drama based training, voting technology and facilitated sessions.

Creating an Inclusive Culture


To kick start cultural change within the university we developed a ‘Creating an Inclusive Culture’ programme.

What we did

We hosted focus groups with HR, management and staff. This enabled us to get 360° perspective on the organisation, its culture and what they viewed as their collective priorities for behaviour change and education.  


We designed and delivered sessions incorporating drama based training with carefully constructed characters, focusing on inclusive behaviours, respect, and value in the workplace, but also reflecting the diversity in the team. Enabling the teams to identify what works and what needs to be improved to support more inclusive working practises for all.  


As a part of the training the participants produced action plans for their own growth and for the team, these are actions points that they take from the learning which will assist in addressing cultural change within the organisation.


  • The training captured the need for the organisation to communicate and learn from their colleagues, with much of the feedback being how valuable it was to have the conversation and open a discourse across the department.

  • The organisation was provided with an in-depth evaluation, observation and recommendation report, with the full feedback from the sessions on key action and next steps.   


  • Values, standards & behaviours

  • Banter

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Challenging unacceptable behaviour

A focus group challenging unacceptable behaviour and discussing amongst each other.

What next...

We also held further training programmes for other departments within the University of Bedfordshire involving, Inclusive Recruitment and Inclusive Team Working.

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