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Enabling behaviour

change in the workplace
through live theatre
based training

Case Studies

DWP – Living the Values

Engaged by the Working Age Benefit Directorate, we were asked to design a bespoke programme of events for mixed grade staff and managers to explore the current culture within DWP and identify in a collaborative way the behaviours and language that promote positive working practices and create an inclusive culture leading to the best possible business outcomes.


Informed by real-life experiences and testimonies of DWP staff, the training utilised a combination of short scenarios and skills development practice to challenge perceptions, stimulate discussion and raise awareness.

Our sessions were devised to

    • explore the language and behaviour that underpins Civil Service values
    • increase confidence and skills to identify and challenge inappropriate behaviour
    • identify bullying behaviours from the view of the perpetrator, victim and witness
    • raise awareness of available resources to support personnel
    • reinforce the responsibility of every person to treat colleagues with dignity and respect, regardless of status or position

Scenarios in action with delegates


We spent a period of time within the Directorate to establish current culture, behaviours and performance.  This was achieved through 1:1 meetings, focus groups and telephone interviews. We familiarised ourselves with roles and responsibilities in order to clarify the different areas within the Directorate, and particularly to ascertain managers’ perspectives and experience of unacceptable language and behaviour. Based on these findings, we designed an interactive training programme for staff that was rolled out in identified locations.


Delegates were equipped with the tools and confidence to address unacceptable language and behaviours, greater awareness around their own behaviours and the promotion of leaders as role models.  Throughout the session delegates were asked to identify actions they would commit to as a result of the training. The actions were categorised under the headings: Leadership, Behaviour, Support and Policy, with some excellent suggestions coming forward for implementation.


With nearly 100% of delegates saying they would recommend the events to others, the training provision has since been extended to members of other DWP Directorates.

“The acting was excellent and a welcome departure from the usual formality of Civil Service culture.”

Excellent course! Would definitely recommend it to others.”

Excellent event. Highly informative and very engaging. The actors were excellent and really brought it to life. The event was brilliantly facilitated.”