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Enabling behaviour

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Placing inclusivity and diversity at the heart of your business

Diversity and Inclusion

Progressive organisations place inclusion and diversity at the heart of their business model.  For many, there is an unarguable business, moral and legal case to create an inclusive environment where everyone can flourish as individuals and as members of a team.

Fairness, inclusion and diversity enshrined in an organisation’s corporate values improves business effectiveness.  Driving culture change, or building and reinforcing corporate values, is not easy. It has to be an organisation-wide effort, driven by the leadership and underpinned by policies, procedures and training – whilst maintaining ‘business as usual’.

To achieve a genuinely inclusive, diverse working culture requires winning hearts and minds. We work extensively in this area, and believe that incorporating live drama that reflects reality in organisation, is one of the most, if not the most, powerful ways of influencing behaviour whilst raising awareness.


Programmes we offer include:

  • Creating inclusive workplaces
  • Raising awareness around equality and diversity
  • Developing inclusive leadership skills
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Dignity and respect at work
  • Organisational values and behaviour standards
  • Managing diverse teams
  • Climate assessment focus groups
  • Specific issue training, eg mental health, reasonable adjustment

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Our training will benefit:

  • Everyone: large numbers of people can be trained in a cost effective and innovative way.
  • Senior leadership – exploring not just responsibilities, but also opportunities for effective management and organisational improvement.
  • HR professionals and officers – building knowledge and confidence.
  • Your organisation – progressive organisations can reap significant business benefits from a working culture that truly celebrates and embraces diversity

“CBH were delighted with the full staff awareness raising sessions conducted by Garnett Interactive on Equality and Diversity. The test has to be that the format is one which staff have clearly both enjoyed and remembered. The enthusiasm of the actors and the ability to interact is an excellent combination to “making it real.”

Assistant Chief Executive, Cheltenham Borough Homes

“The work carried out in partnership with Garnett Interactive nationally, has proven to be highly worthwhile and reinforces both National and Local Equality agendas. I have no doubt that the course designed by the organisation is having a positive impact on staff and the diverse environments in which they work around the region”

Regional Diversity Advisor, HM Prison Service



“We were looking for an innovative way to engage our senior managers and gain their support for our business case for diversity. I knew traditional classroom style training would not achieve one of our objectives to challenge and change values and beliefs.  The Valuing and Managing Difference workshops featuring customised theatre experiences, exceeded my expectations and you can see change taking place on a daily basis.”

HR Director, Arriva plc