Our CSR Policy

Established 25 years ago we are passionate about transforming how people perform at work. How? By creating powerful learning programmes using live theatre based training, we engage personnel and transform how they perform at work by creating positive, inclusive workplaces. Our corporate social responsible can be demonstrated across four main pillars. Firstly, services to clients; The nature of the services we provide across the private, public and voluntary sector are designed to improve workplaces, through greater inclusion, fairness and equality and we believe that this can influence how people behaviour and respect each other in society aswell. Secondly, our processes; we consider that we operate in an ethical and sustainable way mindful of the environmental and social impact of our work. Whilst our operating processes do not have a major impact on the environment we are committed to managing waste and limiting consumption of natural resources wherever possible. Thirdly, our belief in partnerships with the people we work; we have an open, inclusive culture, actively encouraging personal development and growth, as well as mindful of health and wellbeing. Fourthly, our work in the wider community; through a range of activities, allocation of resources – human and financial, we proactively work with local communities, bringing agendas together with the aim of providing a more cohesive and collaborative platform where local business, education and the wider community can engage. Being a small business, with two main directors, not all our CRS endeavours are laid down in policy, but rather reflect an ethos of intent, able to respond to opportunities and need.