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Virtual event delivery of promoting inclusive behaviour

Promoting Inclusive Behaviour


The spirit of this training was about embracing a ‘one Civil Service culture’ to reflect that many GCO staff work across government departments. 

What we did

A total of 430 people attended the programme and were extremely positive about the training - many citing it verbally as the 'best training they had been on in the Civil Service’. Knowledge levels were clearly high as were overall levels of the need for self-awareness. Following thorough research, a pilot session, and a bespoke workshop for the leadership team, we rolled out an interactive programme across GCO.


Through bespoke live scenarios behaviours were mirrored and issues arising explored through three characters. Interactive facilitated discussion enabled honest conversations around perception, leadership and communication styles, behaviour standards, team values and support. The training explored behaviours to encourage and improve. This provided a positive positioning to challenge unacceptable behaviours and explore the impact and culture necessary to encourage giving and receiving feedback positively.  


  • Every participant captured commitments to action in two ways.  Firstly, things they could do, and secondly things their team could do. These included things like: Listen without judgement; not let my unconscious bias influence my initial perception of people; call out unacceptable behaviour when I see it; role model positive behaviours; encourage open, honest conversations with the team.

  • 89% of participants committed to positive actions identified in the training

  • 83% of participants said they now know the steps to take if they experience bullying/harassment

  • A detailed evaluation report with recommendations was presented to GCO on the actions – both practical and procedural, to take to improve inclusive behaviours at all levels in the department.


  • Civil Services Values

  • Micro advantages and micro inequities

  • Impact of language and nonverbal communication

  • Unconscious bias

  • Revaluating preconceptions

  • Leadership role modelling

What next...

Further sessions to be run, and a monitoring of the detailed action plan agreed to ensure the training remains the stepping stone to sustainable culture change. 

Facilitator delivering a virtual training in the workplace programme
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