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"The work carried out in partnership with Garnett Interactive has proven to be highly worthwhile and reinforces equality agendas. I have no doubt that the course designed is having a positive impact on staff and the diverse environments in which they work in"

Training event discussion regarding the importance of diversity and behaviour standards in the service

Challenge it, Change it


The Prison Service were challenged to create a culture shift across a workforce of 48,000 in an inspiring and consistent way.


Working jointly with the Equality and Human Rights Commission as part of a formal agreement to tackle and prevent sexual harassment in the service, we were asked to devise and deliver training aimed at raising diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

What we did

To ensure accuracy of the programme and scenarios, we conducted extensive research and worked collaboratively with the Prison Service.


We created a powerful training programme, focused on a bespoke DVD, presenting the real issues that arose in the service.

We developed a comprehensive training pack to meet learning outcomes related to tackling inappropriate behaviours.  We were able to raise awareness surrounding diversity to improve the professional conduct of staff.


  • Understanding the importance of diversity in training

  • An opportunity for facilitators to experience and challenge the training structure in a safe and supported environment​

Challenge it, change it training the trainer programe


Garnett Interactive trained and equipped up to 400 Prison Service personnel from across the country to deliver the ‘Challenge it, Change it’ diversity training. We were given the responsibility of ensuring the quality of the training was consistent and appropriate, and to that end not all attendees were certified to become a trainer.

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