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Enabling behaviour

change in the workplace
through live theatre
based training

Case Studies



Our task was to develop and launch an e-learning resource for the Royal College of Midwives “Caring for You” campaign.  The RCM sought to address behaviour and approaches in the workplace, to build emotional intelligence and to challenge personal stereotypes by providing tools that could be developed, refined and utilised in practice.  We scripted and filmed dramatic scenarios around which learning could be explored. The e-learning package was then launched at the RCM annual conference and involved live drama and discussion.  


The Royal College of Midwives tasked us with gaining an understanding of the learning needs of midwives in relation to supporting women and families within the course of their work.

The key learning themes were:

    • to empower excellent leadership to promote health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace
    • to help nurture a compassionate and supportive workplace that cares for midwives and maternity support workers so that they can care for women and their families
    • to improve the work environment through encouraging positive communication


The Garnett Foundation gripped an opportunity to disseminate information and training within the midwifery sector by developing a bespoke training the trainer and e-learning package with filmed scenarios.   

The four videos element covered:

    1. Challenging Stereotypes
    2. Building Emotional Intelligence
    3. Practical Ways of Challenging Inappropriate Behaviour
    4. What Happens Next.

The aim of the training was to inspire change and to help create and maintain high standards of support for midwives, student midwives, support workers and maternity staff. We strive to improve the work environment through encouraging positive communication and provided the tools for staff and managers to effectively challenge and address inappropriate behaviour. We empowered staff to make a personal, positive impact at work.


The training the trainer package has been rolled out, with midwives having access to the on-line learning resource.     At the end of the conference, a significantly higher proportion of delegates felt inspired to create a positive impact on the work environment than at the beginning of the session.


“The i-learn module is looking brilliant.”

Gill Adgie, Regional Head- North, Royal College of Midwives