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A round table discussion amongst staff based on best practise behaviours


Southend Borough Council revised the Council’s governance arrangements and their code of conduct. Consequently, they sought to examine their behaviours and the values underpinning the council to set the tone for the entire organisation “To Do the Right Thing”.


With evidence of increasing workloads and aspects of low morale, we were tasked to devise and deliver an ongoing interactive programme of activity to support senior leaders, group managers, line managers, supervisors, and HR representatives.


We designed a programme to stimulate greater consciousness around behaviour change, with scripted bespoke scenarios targeting key issues. Working with our actors, delegates were able to explore workplace challenges as well as being given the opportunity to learn vital skills around having difficult conversations. This built confidence to challenge inappropriate behaviour and language in the work environment.



  • Council values

  • Council’s Code of Conduct

  • Leadership and management responsibilities

  • The Nolan Principles

  • Explore council’s governance arrangements and moral code of conduct

  • Unacceptable behaviours

  • Best practise behaviours

A focus group sharing perceptions of key leadership responsibilities and what these look like.

After coming together for the training, leaders were able to better understand their responsibilities surrounding “doing the right thing”, and the likely impact it would have upon their teams. We were able to identify, in a collaborative way, the behaviours and language that promotes positive and inclusive working cultures, optimising strategic and operational management. Participants understood their inclusive leadership responsibility in role modelling appropriate behaviour and setting standards. They were able to reflect on their own behaviours, as well as their response to the behaviour of others, promoting team cohesion and effective working.

What happened next…

As the sessions were so positively received at senior level, a series of “next steps” follow up sessions were commissioned to target all levels of the Council. This took the format of identifying the “Southend Way” and further promoting the message to “Do the Right Thing”.

We were also asked to provide an ongoing training package for their “People and OD Team”/ “Change Instigators” to deliver workshops and add to the Council’s e-learning platform.

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